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KAEME is a love language.

KAEME is a love language.

At KAEME, we believe that nourishing your skin is a daily act of love and service to your body. Not a once-off treat reserved for special occasions. Just as the five love languages words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch help us express love to others, we can extend that same love to ourselves by connecting daily with our bodies and our skin!– these languages of love translate seamlessly into skincare practices. We’re sharing five ways you can pair each love language with our luxurious, results-driven formulations for a radiant, healthy, and luminous skin.

Quality Time: Quality time with loved ones is invaluable but quality time for yourself, is essential. Just as quality time deepens relationships, we encourage you to strengthens the bond between you and your skin by carving out five minutes of your morning to nourish your body with KAEMEs Eternal Shea butter. It will brighten up your morning with its sweet berry scent and set you up for the day. Spend quality time applying it, and let your skin revel in the attention.

1. Receiving Gifts: Who doesn’t love receiving gifts? Giving is a universal language of love. We suggest you gift your significant other our MANHYIA gift set, a thoughtful present for their skin? More importantly, this gift  features KAEME’s popular black soup, KAEME Shea souffle and KAEME Soy Candle evokes the regal grandeur of Ghana’s Asante palace! Making your partner feel like royalty will hit all the right notes.

2. Acts of Service: Acts of service is love expressed through actions. Given the challenges that come with living in a digital obsessed era, relationships can often feel strained and loneliness common. Arranging a Friday night pamper party for friends or family is a perfect way to re-establish relationships and serve others as a conduit for connection. Try out our patchouli-influenced GOLDFLAKES Shea with your favourites – they are sure to feel like a million bucks!
3. Physical Touch: Physical touch is a language of love that conveys warmth, affection, and closeness. As a family friendly brand, KAEMEembraces this love language by providing gentle and nourishing skincare solutions for all members of the family.  A wonderful way to bond with your little ones is to create a night-time routine using our ADINKA Shea, with refreshing hints of vanilla, mint and cucumber, ADINKA is your skincare partner in building core memories with your little ones. Make every night sweet, mane every night an Adinkra night.

4. Words of Affirmation: Words of affirmation are a powerful expression of love. Empowering words can uplift the soul, pair your Sunday night bath with KAEME’s ABURI Sunrise Candle to wrap up your weekend and set intentions for the new week! The Citrus and vanilla note creates a warm, affirming atmosphere that is reminiscent of the stunning sunrise viewed atop Ghana’s Aburi mountains. With a burn time of 40 hours, Sunday nights will never be the same again.

Make KAEME your sixth love language. Let KAEME be your daily self-love and self-care partner. Nourish your skin, and let it reflect the love and care you have for yourself and other. Remember, when you love yourself, you radiate that love to the world.

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