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The KAEME Manhyia giftset evokes the regal grandeur of Ghana’s Asante palace. Featuring a hand-picked selection of KAEME Black soap, KAEME Shea soufflé and KAEME Soy Candle, it delivers an unmistakable sense of luxury that will make those you love feel like royalty.


The Ga people of Ghana say “Omanye” to herald good tidings and well-being, and the KAEME Omanye giftset takes inspiration from these sentiments. Whether as a seasonal or surprise gift, this selection of six KAEME Shea Soufflé varieties of choice leaves a lasting impression of joy and goodwill.


Gratitude is a quintessential trait of Ghanaian culture, and the KAEME Barka giftset is inspired by the Dagaare word for “Thank You”. Select any KAEME Black soap and KAEME shea soufflé as a charming reminder of appreciation.


Created with the Ewe expression for “Welcome” in mind, the KAEME Woezor giftset is reminiscent of traditional Ghanaian hospitality and a superb way to usher yourself and those you love into unforgettable sensory experiences. Choose any KAEME Black soap and KAEME Shea soufflé to make a striking first impression.


The KAEME Nzulezu giftset is as memorable as the Ghanaian village it is proudly named after. With a bespoke selection of three KAEME Shea soufflé varieties, it echoes the simplicity and serenity of this precious village on stilts.