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What to do while staying at home? Here’s what KAEME is Doing

What to do while staying at home? Here’s what KAEME is Doing

what to do while staying at homeWhat to do while staying at home? In our last Instagram LIVE, a lot of Kaeme Lovers asked us this particular question.  In the past few weeks, we have all been reminded that what unites people all over the world – our shared humanity – is both stronger and more fragile than we realised.


The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed our lives like history has never seen before, creating a global community that is social distancing in varying degrees as we work to flatten the curve of new infections. Many of us now have nowhere to be–except at home. #TravelGoals have been put on the back burner until further notice, and nature is showing us just how well it can take care of itself when we get out of the way.


Many of us are also exploring different ways of connecting with others to avoid total isolation, whether by streaming Netflix watch parties, taking virtual museum tours or doing viral #TikTok challenges. Of course, not all of us have the luxury of staying at home to weather the current storm: hundreds of thousands of medical staff, emergency response teams, scientists, charities and essential service providers are working tirelessly all over the globe, and we cannot thank them enough for their selflessness. Our heart also goes out to everyone who has lost someone they love in these times.


Wondering what KAEME is doing while we all #StayAtHome?  Well, since closing our store on 16th March, we must admit that the downtime has been both invaluable and challenging. Our decision was necessary to limit in-person interactions and protect our staff from undue risk as the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Ghana increased, which has meant a significant decline in sales since this happened…but we miss each other so much!


what to do while staying at home

Our team is the powerhouse behind the unforgettable shea butter, black soap and soy candles we create for #KAEMElovers  all over the world. The consolation is that each of us now has the opportunity to spend quality time with family and loved ones (as far as the current restrictions allow). Our people are our greatest asset, so we are making sure this time away from work is fully paid: there is already more than enough anxiety about what the next few months will be like. We believe that it is important, perhaps now more than ever, to take care of each other as best as we can.

The present situation has also compelled us to broaden our perspective on how to run our operations and deliver our products under less-than-ideal circumstances, partly because we will certainly have to adjust to a ‘new normal’ after this pandemic. The other reason is based on customer feedback that little luxuries, like a good KAEME  stash, makes these crazy times so much easier to deal with.


We are taking a close look at every aspect of our business to assess what works, what doesn’t and what to improve to give each customer a memorable experience of the KAEME brand across our distribution network. As we invest in building the right knowledge, systems and technology for post-COVID life, we look forward to doing what we love in a more exceptional way.

Until this season yields to a more joyful one, we hope you remain optimistic and remind yourself that ‘this too shall pass’. Take the right precautions to protect yourself; find a new hobby or delve into an old one; appreciate the simple things of life; and check in on the people in your life. We will get through this together.

It would be fantastic to hear what you are doing while you #stayAthome, so let us know one lesson you have learned during this period or what part of your current routine you would like to maintain when this season gives way to the next.

Love always,


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