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No Problem, I’ll Still Use It.

No Problem, I’ll Still Use It.

I interviewed Taiba Limuna about her preference for natural beauty products

Please tell us a bit about yourself

I’m Taiba Kanyiti Limuna, a student at Shangdong University majoring in medicine.

No Problem, I’ll Still Use It. 1

How long have you been using natural beauty products?

Umm since birth.. It’s part of being a northerner.

A rephrased question; How long have you been using natural beauty products since you were able to make your own decisions with regards to them?

Oh for the past three years…

What are some things you require in beauty products?

Let’s see..Vitamin C serum for dark spots and even skin tone, Turmeric face mask for even skin tone and fighting against hyperpigmentation and acne and clay masks, also for fighting acne.

For glowing skin, honey and brown sugar scrub, cinnamon and nutmeg face scrub, coffee detox scrub, basically face, hair and body scrubs

What’s your criteria for selecting products?

  • The cost and the most important is how effective the product is. It shouldn’t be effective for a short term period, it should work for a long term period because most products on the market are only effective for short term periods. After the skin is familiarized with the product, it stops working and that’s annoying. So yeah, long term effects and affordability.
  • Good reviews about the product and the packaging. I really love products with nice packaging. I’m attracted to such products.

Which natural beauty products have you used?

Oh almost everything. Teiva is what I used to use because they have almost everything and they are number one. Their products are really good and works. Mikesh… At the moment, I’m using acne oil which isn’t a natural beauty product but the switch up was necessary because my skin was getting used to the others.

Any closing remarks?

I love products which smell really good. If they don’t smell good and they work, ‘mei guanxi wo haishu hui yong de’… That’s Chinese for No problem, I’ll still use it.

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