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Lock down in Ghana: How to Keep Your Skin Healthy

Lock down in Ghana: How to Keep Your Skin Healthy

Today is day 2 of partial lock down in Ghana. This means that , If you’re in these cities in Ghana, Kumasi, Accra, Kasoa and Tema, you’re part of the staying at home population. Staying at home means you won’t get time to fulfill your appointment with your skin care experts, although you may keep in touch online, this question will still linger on, How do you keep your skin healthy in these times?

In this post, we will outline simple activities and How Tos you can carry out in this time:

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize.

lock down in ghana

Apply Shea Butter after washing your hands with soap under running water

We all know that to get rid of coronavirus, you have to wash your hands. It is advisable to wash your hands with soap under running water for at least 20 seconds, then clean your hands with a clean towel. What most people usually forget is to moisturize. After cleaning your hands with the towel, moisturize by applying Shea butter or any other moisturizer you have available. Moisturizing your hands not only prevents your hands from dryness but it also slows down aging, prevents acne and if you have a sensitive skin, it helps soothes it. So the next time you grab a bar of soap to wash your hands, please include Kaeme shea butter , to moisturize your hands.


Lock down in Ghana, Less Device time = Healthy Skin

Studies have shown that the light emitted by our smartphones, computers and TVs are harmful to the skin. High Energy Visible (HEV) light is also referred to as blue light. Sources of blue light include the sun, full spectrum lighting, flat screen monitors, smartphones, and tablets. Even, additional surfaces such as concrete are sources of HEV light.

Research has indicated that HEV light exposure can lead to inflammation, impaired healing, compromised melanogenesis, sensitivity, dryness, wrinkles, uneven tone and texture and sagging skin.

Lock down in Ghana is a wonderful opportunity for you to unplugged, spend quality time with the family and maintain a healthy skin.


Another Vacation for you

lock down in ghana

Viviana at the beach with Kaeme

Yes, this is another vacation for you. And you have to thank coronavirus for that.. yaayy? Anyway, We’ve noticed that, most people “over process” their skin because of their daily routines. Wearing and removing make up and apply excessive products to your skin care in fact lead to problems. If you treat this lock down as vacation, hardly will you think of applying make up to your face. Now that we are indoors, we can strip some of these make up routine back and go with a simple regiment. With this lock down in place, not only are you giving yourself the needed vacation, your skin will thank you for that. You can read more about how people are changing their skincare routine because of this lock down here


Lock down in Ghana: Try not to Touch your Face

We can’t stress on this enough. Try not to touch your face. Not only this action is one of the surest ways to prevent coronavirus from infecting you, but can also prevent scarring and other inflammation.


We know these are hard times. But with continues practicing of social distancing, we can all help fight #covid19. Stay home and stay safe. Tell us, what are some of your skincare routines? Share with us in the comment below.


Feature Photo by Etornam Ahiator on Unsplash



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