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Soy Candle: 5 Amazing Ways To Keep The Environment Clean

Soy Candle: 5 Amazing Ways To Keep The Environment Clean

Soy Candle or Paraffin Candle. Is there a difference between these two types of candles? Yes, they are. Paraffin candles contain paraffin wax, a soft colourless solid derived from petroleum, coal or oil shale. 

Don’t write off paraffin wax entirely yet. On a sore joint or muscle, apply paraffin to relieve you of any pain.

soy candle

The Make of Kaeme Scented Soy Candle

Our candle is made from Soy wax. Soy wax comes from soybeans. Not only is it natural, but it also emits less smoke. In addition to this well-thought-out ingredient is our very own blends of essential oil. 

The rich fusion of peach and grapefruit of Sunset in Elmina Soy Candle, the exotic blend of floral notes of Salaga Dusk and the fruity, sweet and calming scent of Aburi Sunrise all comes from our careful unification of naturally sourced essential oils. 

soy candle

What are the Benefits?

We could have gone in the direction of using paraffin wax to produce Kaeme scented candles. However, we decided to use soy wax because of its immense benefits. 


A lot of people may not know this, but people take pleasure in watching candles burn. From avid users of Kaeme Soy candles, burning our Candles has a calming effect on them. However, this feeling is not so beautiful when a candle starts giving out uncontrollable smoke. 

Soot contains 11 toxins including, Toluene and Benzene. These are the chemicals that cause firefighters to have a higher risk of cancer. 

Soot is ever-present in any burning material, and Kaeme Soy Candle is not an exception. However, compared to a paraffin candle, our candle produces less amount of soot. About 90% lesser than a paraffin candle.


Looking to save the planet? Try our candle. Made from Soy wax which is friendly for the environment. 

Our soy candles are hand-made from soy wax, natural vegetable oil and also a renewable source. Relatively softer than paraffin wax, its sourcing makes it less reliant on non-renewable crude oil and, hence, it’s better for the environment. 

soy candle

Long Burn Time

Kaeme Soy Candle can burn for about 40 hours. Meaning, you do not have to buy soy candles often, and as compared to paraffin candle. That is because of the lower melting point. 

Also, from a safety standpoint, soy is a better choice because it means less risk of burns should you accidentally spill any melted wax on your skin. 

The Scents

The scent from the unique blends of our essential oils is more pleasant and aromatic. Sweet-scented than the chemical smell of paraffin candles. 

What’s your favourite scent? Is it Aburi Sunrise or Sunset in Elmina? Maybe, you prefer the floral notes of Salaga Dusk. All these gorgeous scents are clean and healthy for your lungs. soy

Most people experience headaches when burning paraffin candles. Headaches are due to the released toxins of the paraffin candle.

soy candle


The chemical makeup of soy wax allows Kaeme Soy Candle to burn evenly and more completely, whereas paraffin wastes wax as it burns, sticking to the sides of the glass. You’ll always get value for money if you purchase soy candle. 

Soy Candle Safety

To prevent injury and or fire, always burn Kaeme Soy Candle within sight. Keep away from drafts, children, pets, and or anything flammable. Remove wax melt from the package before use. Burn on a heat resistant surface. Never add water or cover jar. Do not heat and or burn if the glass jar contains less than 1/2″ of wax. The container may become hot! 


Have you read everything? Good! Now we know you’ll burn our Soy candles safely and with care. Also, know that as you light Kaeme Soy Candle, you are saving the environment.

If you have any questions about burning our candles, please email us at hello@kaeme.com

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