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Kaeme Skincare Products: 5 Classified Reasons to Help you Restock

Kaeme Skincare Products: 5 Classified Reasons to Help you Restock

Have you ever wondered why you should buy Kaeme Skincare Products? Why should you include Kaeme skincare products in your shopping list? If you are already a Kaeme lover, probably, It was love at first sight or in our case, love at first touch. You fell in love with our Skincare products and haven’t turned back again. To that, we say thank you for patronizing Kaeme.

Recently, our CEO and Chief Mixer was invited to Asaase Radio  to tell the story of Kaeme. The highlight of her conversation was why you should buy Kaeme Skincare products. At the end of her conversation, she gave 5 vital reasons to help put your mind at ease if you decide to restock Kaeme.


Kaeme Skincare Products are Proudly Made in Ghana

Kaeme brand was born in Ghana. Kaeme originated from the ever-bustling city of Accra, Labone to be precise. Our products are handmade from raw, unrefined Shea butter and authentic black soap sourced from a women’s cooperative in Northern Ghana. Kaeme is your premium Ghanaian company specializing in personal care products. We believe SMEs are truly the force behind a thriving economy and supporting a Made in Ghana brand like Kaeme would go a long way to help Ghana’s economy.


Kaeme Hires Local Staff

Our staff is made up of local talent who reside in and around Labone. Kaeme is a true citizen of Labone and we love to invest in the growth of Labone as a community. After all, world citizenship must begin at home. On the plus side, we made the right decision in hiring local talents because of the accolades we get from our guests.

kaeme skincare products


Kaeme Skincare Products are Genuinely the Best on the Market

Looking for the best natural skincare Ghana has to offer? Kaeme is your first choice. We produce genuine products free from artificial ingredients. Kaeme Shea Butter, Kaeme Blacksoap and Kaeme Soy Candle are all made from natural ingredients. Our guests cannot get enough of our products. On Google, we have 5 star ratings and these ratings were candidly given to us by our #Kaemelovers, and we appreciate them for their honest reviews and feedback. Having a 5-star ratings on Google not only tells our guests that we genuinely produce the best product on the market, it also tells them about the amount of effort we put in to making Kaeme the best skincare products they have come to use.

kaeme skincare products



Good Price Point

We give you value for money. We realized setting the price of Kaeme Personal Kaeme Products too high or too low will – at best – limit Kaeme’s growth. At worst, it could cause serious problems for our sales and cash flow. We’ve been able to price Kaeme Personal care products to fit your budget. And this price point, doesn’t and won’t affect the quality of Kaeme products.

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Kaeme = Customer Guest First

We call our customers, guest. If you patronize Kaeme Skincare Products, then you are our guest. We train our staff to always put our guests first whether in an online interactions or offline interactions. At Kaeme, we believe customer service shouldn’t just be a department or from a particular person, it should come from the entire company.  We know it takes months to find a guest and a second to lose them so , we make it our priority to treat them well.


Why Should your Buy Kaeme Skincare Products, Freda says it all, Watch.


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Freda Obeng Ampofo answers what’s on everybody’s mind. “Why should you buy #Kaeme #skincare products? Why should you buy Kaeme #Sheabutter, #blacksoap , #Soycandle or #Kaeme #ToiletryBags? Freda has all the answers! . . Also, we’d like to introduce to you one of our newest #stockists – @thrivetogetherstore (who also gave us this video ????) . Shop for everything Kaeme when you visit their website. . . On Thrive Together Store, when you shop Kaeme, you’re actually doing good. A percentage of every sale on their store goes to #charity – and that’s why we love to work with them! . . A special thank you to @asaaseradio99.5 for this wonderful opportunity to tell our story . . #hellokaeme

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These are some of our reasons we think you should restock Kaeme. Now it’s your turn. Why do you always come back for more? Why do you buy Kaeme products? Let us know in the comment section below.



Getting Kaeme Skincare Products

Kaeme is a global brand. We have a thriving online store which is open 24/7 to take your orders. Local orders received before 3pm local time (GMT) are delivered on the same day. If you are located outside Ghana,  place an order for any of our products through our Social Media channels or better still, through our website. Overseas orders are delivered between 3 – 5 business days using DHL.

If you are currently located in any of  these West African countries, Cote d’Ivoire, Benin, and Nigeria, we have local stockists who stock Kaeme Skincare products. Visit our stockists page to check if there’s a stockist in your city. In Benin, we have stockists in Cotonou, in Cote d’Ivoire, our stockists can be located in the beautiful city of Abidjan.

The next phase of Kaeme is to build our presence in Nigeria. Currently, we are building a community of natural skincare products lovers in Nigeria. Now we have a dedicated Country Rep who is ever-ready to assist you when the time comes for you to restock.


Video by: Thrive Together Store.

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