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Kaeme Scents: 7 Memorable Kaeme Fragrances You may not Know

Kaeme Scents: 7 Memorable Kaeme Fragrances You may not Know

About Kaeme Scents, if this is your first time meeting Kaeme skincare products, you’ve probably used one of the following  Kaeme Scents before. Kaeme lovers, both old and new love Kaeme Eternal scent, be it Kaeme Eternal Black soap or Kaeme Eternal Shea Butter cream, this Kaeme Scent, is the top one among all of Kaeme fragrances making it the go-to for most Kaeme Lovers.

What most people don’t know? Kaeme has 7 other equally great fragrances or scents for you to choose from depending on your mood and in this post, we’ll outline all of Kaeme scents you’ve been missing out on. With this post, we hope to switch your mind just a little bit from Kaeme Eternal, but then again, we all love Kaeme Eternal, so it is totally fine if you are not convinced after reading.


About Kaeme Scents or Kaeme Fragrances

Introducing, Adinkra

Refreshing, Juicy, Complex

Kaeme Scents: 7 Memorable Kaeme Fragrances You may not Know 1Previously known as Irresistible, this multi-layered scent will thrill your senses. A combination of fruity and floral with hints of vanilla, mint, and cucumber. Adinkra Shea Butter Cream and its accompanying Blacksoap is a delightful fusion of refreshing aromas that will not overpower your senses.

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About Kaeme Fragrances: Meet Eternal

Sweet, Fruity, forever.

kaeme scentsKaeme Eternal fragrance was previously known as Goji. This sweet scent is a #KaemeLover‘s favorite, and for a good reason. Kaeme Eternal Shea Butter Cream feels like a warm hug from an old friend. Include this classic berry scent in your morning routine to keep yourself smiling all day long.

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Kaeme Scents: Evergreen (No more in production)

Herbaceous, Green, Zesty.

kaeme scentsEvergreen came into the Kaeme line with the name, Citrus Cilantro. Energize with this citrus scent. Nourish your skin with our green element and give your skin that youthful glow. Perfect for a day outdoors or as an everyday companion. If you love Kaeme Evergreen Shea Butter Cream, then you’ll love Kaeme Evergreen Black Soap also.



Vibrant, Aromatic, Earthy

kaeme fragrancesGoldflakes was previously known as Superman. Goldflakes was introduced into the line in 2019 as a way to celebrate our fathers. With this in mind, Kaeme Goldflakes comes with an electrifying scent sure to stimulate the senses. Goldflakes is perfect for big occasions. This patchouli-influenced Kaeme fragrance will make you feel like a million bucks.

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Bright, Citrusy, Sparkling

kaeme scentsPreviously known as Ginger and Lime Ginger Lime. Bathe yourself in the summertime with this fresh and fruity scent. Apply before getting some sun or after a day outside to lock-in that Vitamin D.

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Citronella (No More in Production)

Bright, Fresh, Green

kaeme fragrancesOur Citronella Shea Butter Cream and Black soap is your new favorite outdoor companion. Uplift your spirit with this lemongrass-infused scent while keeping the bugs at bay. Citronella will keep you company all night long.




Kaeme Fragrances: Urbane

Light, Musky, Mahogany

kaeme fragrancesLather up with our Urbane Black soap wooded scent before taking on your day. Urbane Shea Butter Cream and Blacksoap is strong yet subtle.  This scent will follow you all day without overwhelming your surroundings.

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About Kaeme Shea Souffle

kaeme scentsOur shea butter creams will melt when exposed to heat. While melting may change the appearance of the cream, it will retain its function and can be used normally. If your butter is too soft, pop it in the fridge for a couple of minutes. If it is too solid, expose it to a warmer environment until it reaches your desired consistency.

All of our shea butter creams are made in small batches to ensure quality. Colors may vary slightly from batch to batch.

No preservatives, additives, dyes. Not tested on animals.

Do not store above room temperature 65 – 68 degrees F

Kaeme Shea Butter Cream is a multi-purpose, all-natural body product that works to protect, soothe, and moisturize the body, hair, and face. Use daily as a full body moisturizer or apply selectively to provide relief to irritated, itchy, and distressed skin. Our Shea Butter Cream can also be used as a hydrating mask for dry or damaged hair.

Kaeme Shea Souffle Ingredients:

Butyrospermum Parkii, Cocos Nucifera, essential oil blends.



About Kaeme Blacksoap

kaeme black soap

Our Blacksoap is your indispensable shower companion. Work into a lather for a full body wash that will leave your skin nourished, hydrated, and squeaky clean. Use as an all-natural makeup remover that’s friendly on your skin.

Kaeme Blacksoap Ingredients:

Aqua, Cocos Nucifera, African black soap, essential oil blend




The KAEME Experience: Meet The Anaafi’s.




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