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Kaeme Reviews: What 4 Amazing People say about Kaeme on YouTube

Kaeme Reviews: What 4 Amazing People say about Kaeme on YouTube

Kaeme Reviews on Google stands at 5.0. Undoubtedly, the highest ratings when it comes to skin care in Ghana and it’s all thanks to you, our cherished KaemeLovers. We will forever keep our promise to you to be the best producers of the best skincare product from Ghana. Getting a review from everyone who purchase Kaeme goes a long way to help us. Not only are we getting valuable information on how to help you, we also get information on how to continue to improve the product you have come to love.

That said,  have you ever wondered what people are saying about your favorite brand on YouTube? This week, we created a new playlist  to highlight skincare experts views about Kaeme.


Dimma Umeh

Dimma Umeh is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger living in Nigeria beauty posts videos every week. She is a makeup lover, a fashion enthusiast and a sucker for all things lifestyle. You can read more about Dimma from her blog www.dimmaumeh.com. So, what did Dimma say about Kaeme, watch the video below.


Chantell Dapaah

The charming Chantel Dapaah created a video about her favorite skin care products, most specifically black soap and Kaeme got featured. Chantell gave Kaeme black soap 10/10 for its consistency and its amazing scent after using Kaeme Eternal Black Soap . Chantell is a fashion model with over 10 years in experience. She loves all things beautiful. Chantell also has an active instagram account where she shares makeup tips on-the-go. Watch Chantell’s views on Kaeme blacksoap below:

Imani Nuhu

Imani Nuhu loves everything Ghanaian. Because she’s born in Ghana, she is the right source when it comes to Ghanaian Skin care brands. On her channel, she shares Natural hair tips from over 20 years of experience. She also enjoys style and discussing topics that uplifts, educate and inspire your spirit. When it comes to Kaeme reviews,  Imani Nuhu describes Kaeme as divine. In addition to reviewing Natural skin care products, Imani also talks about homemade style. Check her other channel, Sew Imani.



The KSM Show in Ghana

After our YouTube interview with KSM in 2016 we got the opportunity to talk with KSM for the second time. This time around, we were in the midst of other wonderful Ghanaian brands. In this interview, mSimps  and Wear Ghana were present. As recap, our first encounter with KSM will forever be one of our memorable events here at Kaeme. Freda, our Chief Mixer talked about the vision and ideas of Kaeme. With over 60 subscribers on YouTube alone, the KSM show is a talk show that seeks to entertain, educate and inspire. Hosted by the king of satire himself, KSM, the show is refreshing in its combination of comedy, music and conversation to light up our evenings.Watch the full interview below:




We have created a playlist on YouTube featuring every mention of Kaeme Skin care products. Also as a guide, here’s our reviews on Google if you are ever wondering whether to join the Kaeme family.


Kaeme Reviews : Additional Bonus Video

Do you want more Kaeme Reviews? Watch our entire interview with Quest means business. Did you miss some interesting facts? This is an opportunity to catch up:

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