“Does it make you sweat?” A question I had to avoid answering during an advertisement conversation about Kaeme. I could go on and on about the products but I realized I never took the time to notice whether that happens or not. I decided to play it safe and made a mental note to find out if it does make one sweat. With other Shea butter creams I have used in the past, I am always apprehensive when applying it. The weather serves as my guide as to the amount I apply. On a cool day, a generous amount is used but on a sunny day, just a bit. Being one who sweats a lot, I have to take such precautions.

KAEME ≠ SWEATING 1I had the opportunity of finding out if it makes one sweat when I had a program to attend at Trade Fair. Though the weather had been on the down side for a few days, the sun was out in all its glory on that day. Doing away with my precautionary measures, I applied a generous amount of Kaeme’s Citronella shea butter and made my way to Trade Fair. With a silent prayer of not sweating because of the cream. With Trotro being my mode of transportation, the heat in the car; due to the number of people in it and the Shea butter should have made me sweat as it would have with any other shea butter but thankfully, that did not happen. I made it to my destination with no problem whatsoever. Even with walking for a while. The event was not as crowded as I had anticipated it to be and the air conditioners were on, therefore the process was put on hold.

When I was ready to leave the venue, the heat outside had increased. This wouldn’t be the creams doing if I do sweat, I thought to myself. Even without applying cream to my body on certain days, once the sun’s rays were scorching I was promised a day of sweat. However, at the end of the day, I was able to answer the question. No, Kaeme’s Shea butter does not make you sweat. It does not prevent you from sweating either but think of it as the regular sweat you experience due to exposure to heat.

– Maliha Abdulai

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