Shipping worldwide with DHL

Shipping worldwide with DHL


Harmattan is upon us. Here are 10 Tweets to Show

Harmattan is upon us. Here are 10 Tweets to Show

Ghanaians don’t joke about Harmattan. Harmattan is that time of the year between November and March in Ghana, Nigeria and other West African countries. This season comes with dry skin, cracked lips and a hazy sky. We recommend you use Shea Butter to battle dry skin and cracked lips. Now to set the mood for Harmattan, here are 10 tweets you will love. Take it as our Harmattan joke.


Sleeping in the Cold Harmattan Air

Dry Your Clothes in 30mins


The Love-Hate Relationship


Hard Truth




Harmattan in 4 Pictures


Has it Started Yet?


Black Crack?


New Fashion


The Real Symptoms of Harmattan

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