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Father’s Day Gift: 5 Unique Made-in-Ghana Brands to Shop From

Father’s Day Gift: 5 Unique Made-in-Ghana Brands to Shop From

The best Father’s Day gift is both memorable and useful. Father’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to appreciate some of our favourite men, and it’s not always easy to pick the right gift. Whatever you decide to get the best man in your life, it should mark this day as a special one for him.

This post is for the father who’s impossible to shop for. With Father’s Day just around the corner – it’s on 19th June this year – we’ve rounded up the best gifts for all types of dads. We’ve scouted all the best Made-in-Ghana brands to present you with some great options to help you celebrate your father.


Here’s a list of the best Father’s Day gifts for Papi!


Father’s Day Gift: Manhyia Gift Set

fathers day gift

At KAEME, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for all things personal care. The curated gifts section on our website is designed to help you find the perfect gift box for your dad. If you’re pressed for time, we highly recommend the KAEME Manhyia Giftset.

Named after the grandeur of Ghana’s Ashanti Palace, the Manhyia Giftset evokes a sense of royalty. It features a hand-picked selection of our black soap, shea soufflé and soy candle. You are not restricted to any particular scent, because you can customise your gift box to match your father’s personality. Shop now and get this delivered to you before Father’s Day.


Chalé Socks

Fathers Day gift

When we thought of Made-in-Ghana brands to include in our Father’s Day Gift list, Chalé Socks quickly came to mind. The team at Chalé Socks has produced authentic, vibrant, African apparel since 2015. Their range of products includes socks, sweaters and highly sought-after collectables that we know will make your dad the happiest person on the planet. Just like KAEME, Chalé Socks has a dedicated gifting page on its website.

Thinking of keeping Dad warm this rainy season? We recommend getting him the Gye Nyame Sweater, made of 100% cotton and available in various sizes.

Each purchase contributes to the OneChalé initiative, so as you shop for Father’s Day gifts, you are also supporting a worthy cause.


Giddins Fashion

father's day gift

If you like KAEME’s toiletry bags, then you will love shoes from Giddins Fashion. This is a Father’s Day gift for all fathers, made with Giddins Fashion’s signature sense of timeless style.

The men’s category of Giddins product range is packed with shoes, loafers, sandals, slippers and belts for the everyday man. One of our favourites is the Ewusi Brown, a comfortable pair of shoes he can always step clean to any formal occasion in.


Bôhten Eyeglass

father's day gift bohten

Bôhten is revolutionary. Their fashionably minimalist eyewear is for everybody. Bôhten’s products build an allure that challenges the status quo while successfully meeting industry standards.

If you’re thinking of styling your dad with a pair of Bôhten eyeglasses or sunglasses, start with the Duru Collection. The Duru Collection comes with a re-designed nose profile and wider frame proportions based on the distinct facial features of men and women of African descent.

We know you’re curious about where to order Bôhten eyewear. This link leads to their official website.


It’s A Wrap

father's day gift its a wrap

It’s a wrap, but not necessarily a wrap (pun very much intended). The tagline “modern gifting made simple” guides this woman-led company. It’s A Wrap is truly a one-stop shop for finely crafted Made-in-Ghana products. Created by Akosua and Nicola, It’s A Wrap is a modern gift company dedicated to creating meaningful and thoughtfully curated gifting solutions for life’s memorable occasions.

It’s A Wrap’s website is great for finding gifts for Father’s Day and all other celebrations. Their team truly makes gifting effortless, easily accessible and stress-free.

Bonus tip: if you’d love to introduce your father to KAEME in addition to other great Ghanaian brands, you can order from It’s A Wrap; Shimmer, Black Beauty or Natural Beauty.

Even as you’re on a shopping spree, remember to think about the essence of Father’s Day. Do you have any Father’s Day gift ideas? Leave them in the comment section below.

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