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5 Easy ways you can Support a Local Business during Covid-19 Pandemic

5 Easy ways you can Support a Local Business during Covid-19 Pandemic

Have you ever wondered how you can support a local business during COVID-19 pandemic? The combination of businesses being required to temporarily shut down and people staying home has caused small local businesses to suffer. Some of this will be temporary, but some business owners will be forced to shut down for good. The government is doing what it can in terms of financial relief and other initiatives, but that can only go so far and for so long. Ultimately it’s going to be up to us, the local communities and customers, to support these businesses.


A lot of businesses have been shut down and people staying home has caused local businesses in Ghana and other parts of the world to suffer. Whiles some will be just for this period, some employers will be forced to close shop for good. As a local community member, customer, it is up to you to support these businesses and we have 5 ways you can help out.

Before you read about how you can support businesses during COVID-19 pandemic, you have to know the why. Why should you support local a local business?


support a local business during covid19 pandemicWhy Should you Support Local Businesses during Covid-19 Pandemic?

Our local businesses are essential for our economy. In every community, for growth to occur, it is up to a local business to bring this. Just to mention a few, local businesses provide employment opportunities for the unemployed members of our community, create entrepreneurship opportunities, support the local economies, communities and neighborhoods.


Deep down at the core of every local business is the care they have for the community they work in. At Kaeme, we know our customers by name, we are your neighbors and friends and that’s what make our community special and unique.

Most are feeling a financial strain right now, and are worried about the future. But if you need to buy something, try your local store first. If you still have an income, try ordering from your favorite local restaurant once a week. Here are 5 other ways to support your local businesses during COVID-19 pandemic:


Place your First Order (If you’ve ever ordered, continue to do so)

Your favorite local business might still be paying their staff. They can’t afford not to support them because their employees maybe the sole bread winner in the family. And it’s just humane to support employees during these trying times. Placing an order for their products not only will help keep their businesses running, it will also help put a food on someone’s table.


Send in a Review to Support a Local Business during Covid-19 Pandemic

Have you ever used a product from your favorite business? This is time to send them a review on how you felt. Businesses need some encouragement. Your review can be a form of a good will message during covid19 and you can do this by giving them 5-star review on google. With a review, you show your support to this business even in these not-so-ordinary times.


Share, Share, Share

As you are sharing tips about how to not be infected by Coronavirus, share a post from your favorite business with your family and friends. Most businesses are still active online right now because, they believe after Covid-19, life will come back to normal. And as life is coming back, hopefully, they will attract new customers.

support a local business during covid19 pandemicTouch Base with Them

Trust me, these are trying times for most businesses. A lot of businesses have had to cut down their workforce. Not that they want to, but they can’t support them although they wish. Not only are they cutting their workforce, production have stalled due to lack of raw materials.  As covid-19 pandemic is tearing down businesses globally, give them a call, send a message to a CEO you know. Touch base with him/her, and send in some words of encouragement.


Please, Stay At Home

And last but definitely not the least, Protect yourself. Please if possible, stay at home. Businesses as they set up, build some long-lasting relationship with their customers. This is the same relationship we have with our customers, that’s why we call them #kaemelovers. Now as a Kaeme lover, please stay at home. Adhere to all the Covid-19 safety protocols laid down by local health authorities. If you’re a Kaeme lover, we’ve put in place all necessary measures to protect you. What we need from you now is to stay at home. Please, stay at home. This may look like a little action but it’s a sure way to support a local business during COVID-19 pandemic.


We’re optimistic that together, we will bounce back stronger than ever. We know, these are not ordinary times, but once you stick to all the safety protocols, you’ll be fine. Stay safe out there.


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